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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Know the Candidates

Karen Klein

Board of Education | Blairstown Elementary School
Karen Klein

Why are you running for the Board of Education for Blairstown Elementary School?


I have lived in Blairstown for 19 years. I have a small horse farm where I have an art studio. I have taught art for 51 years to people of all ages. My experience as an educator drew me into my interest in our Blairstown Elementary School’s board of Education. I love children and have raised five of my own. I felt that it was a good time to volunteer my time and give back to the community. The board has a crucial role in maintaining a smoothly operating school as well as to create policies that will benefit the children in their educational growth.

What are the three most important issues facing the school today?


The three most important issues today facing our schools are safety, funding, and addressing the politicalization and disinformation affecting boards of education country wide. Safety is foremost in our consciousness with the shootings across the nation. We at BES work together to have a school that is safe structurally as well as exploring which personnel will aide in physical, mental, and emotional security. A child feels safe when the parents feel safe. Funding in rural areas has experienced severe cuts in recent years, The formula favors the more densely populated urban areas and we have been vigilant to make sure we receive any aid attainable as well as grants.

Tell us about yourself and what experience do you have that would make you a good candidate for the School Board position?


Fortunately, we have a BA who works diligently to make the most of our resources. Disinformation about curriculum has stirred up the fears of many parents. It is our job to make sure the parents have the correct information on mandated teaching and that we have the students’ best interests in mind. Certain small single interest companies and even politicians have tried to control who has a seat on many boards. We, as board members, need to put our personal political beliefs aside and work together for an education based on integrity .

What have you done to prepare to be a Board of Education member?


I believe my teaching experience and involvement in many local community groups has helped me grow as a board member these last three years at BES. I participate in numerous county meetings and have earned a high amount of credits through the NJSBA. (New Jersey School Association) in an ever changing world, these meetings are highly educational.

What are the strengths and achievements of the Blairstown Elementary School and the community it serves?


Blairstown Elementary School has a safe and friendly environment. As an art teacher, I have had the pleasure of teaching art workshops and art camp at the school through the recreation department. The staff creates an environment of excitement through learning. The newest staff member, Diesel the therapy dog, adds the prefect touch of comfort and TLC. I have been proud to serve my first term and hope to be elected for my second .