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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Know the Candidates

Jason Sarnoski

Warren County Commissioner
Jason Sarnoski

Tell us about yourself and why you would be the best candidate to govern Warren County.


I have been a Freeholder and now County Commissioner for 12 years and I am proud of the many things I have accomplished in that time. Because of my efforts, Warren County has “Voter Approved Bonding” which means we do not incur debt without going to the taxpayers first. This policy is why Warren County has almost no debt. On many metrics, Warren County has the best Community College in the country and most successful Technical School in the state. Under my direction we have preserved thousands of acres of farmland and open space and have developed a strong capital infrastructure program. We are constantly making government more affordable, efficient, accessible, and transparent to the people of Warren County. I care about the people of Warren County and would be proud to continue this important work.

What do you think are the top three issues facing Warren County today and why?


Some of the important issues I am addressing in Warren County are, first, the State Standards on Health and Physical Education that are being pushed on our schools by the Murphy administration. This is robbing our parents of their parental rights and the power of our duly elected school boards to make decisions for our communities. Second, the current status of high inflation that is hitting our pocket books and making it hard for our families to make ends meet. Finally, the attack on our small businesses by Trenton through over regulation and the lack of State support to control over-development and support our municipalities growing needs.

How do you propose to address these issues?


To fight for our Parental Rights I am putting together a panel to develop a set of policy standards for school boards to adopt that will give control back to the community and their leaders. I have continued to fight inflation and the high cost of living by not raising or cutting taxes eight of the twelve years I have been commissioner and by making sure we use our money wisely to make government more efficient and effective. Finally, I have been a constant advocate for our small businesses and municipalities. My fellow Commissioners and I were given the honor of kicking off Oktoberfest this year because of our support of our local breweries and our downtown businesses. Finally, the Warren County Commissioners have passed multiple resolutions to control overdevelopment and call on Trenton to give our municipalities the support and tools they need to keep our communities safe and beautiful.

How will you get to know and understand the needs of those you represent in Warren County?


I will continue to work closely with our local leaders and residents to address the most important needs of their communities. I will continue to attend municipal meetings and always keep my phone line open for any resident that reaches out in need as I have done in the past.

What will be your priorities for representing Warren County?


Keep taxes low, improve our capital infrastructure, fight for the safety and rural beauty of our communities, and support our constitutional rights and conservative values.

What else do you want to share that would convince voters you are the right candidate for the future of Warren County?


I am proud of the many things I have accomplished to make Warren County a place that we can feel secure to raise our families. I have been a strong conservative voice for our residents and I constantly fight for our constitutional rights. I have not given in to the politicians in Trenton that continually ignore the needs of our communities and fund their liberal agenda on the backs of our taxpayers. I would be proud to continue this hard work on behalf of the great residents of Warren County.