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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Community Events

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Gallery 23 Featured Artists

Gallery 23 23 Main Street, Blairstown, NJ, United States

Gallery 23 is a cooperative arts gallery nestled in the hills of Blairstown in Northwest New Jersey. Join us on Saturday, June 15, as we celebrate our June featured artists, photographer Diane Pratt and porcelain artist Marian Van Buren. The artists are offering 10% off of one purchase of $25 or more.

Backcountry Bear Paint & Sip

Hackettstown Center for the Arts 181 Main Street, Hackettstown, New Jersey

BYOB adult paint party. All materials included. Step-by-step instruction from Donna of Pequest Valley Art. Limited seating. Pre-paid event. Hackettstown Center for the Arts, 181 Main Street, Hackettstown.


The Salt of the Earth – Deflecting Negativity


Join in as we look at the incredible power of salt - common and in almost every household, we have in our hands an amazing partner that we can utilize for healing, space clearing and to remove negative energy. Saltwater cures are renowned globally and set up each year according to directions.


Running from Jason 5K Trail Run

Join in Blairstown’s infamous Friday the 13th celebrations with a run filled with “horror” lurking along the Paulinskill Valley Trail on Friday September 13, 2024