Sunday, March 26, 2023


Hayden’s House Neighbors Not Happy Hearing Loud Events at the Knowlton Retreat

The neighbors of Hayden’s House of Healing claim there is more than healing taking place at the retreat house-founded for people grieving the death of a child=such as loud get-togethers stretching into the wee hours.

Hardwick Ponders National Park Issue – Many Questions Remain

Donahue was invited to the October Hardwick Township meeting to present information in favor of the Delaware Water Gap Recreation area being designated as a National Park. and Lenape Preserve.

INTERESTING FOLKS: Andreas Hambos of Blairstown – a determined and hardworking 10 year-old

Already young Andreas Hambos exhibits an enviable work ethic, helping his family every Saturday morning at the Blairstown Farmers' Market. They run a very popular food stand

Frelinghuysen Takes Big Step Toward Having its Own Fire Department by Appointing First Fire Chief

With the appointment of its first fire chief, Frelinghuysen Township has taken a major step toward creating its own fire department. John Shoemaker, a veteran...

After 40 Years, Princess Doe Mystery Solved

A four-decade mystery that has captured the attention of Blairstown-area residents has finally been solved with the identification of Princess Doe and the arrest...

Soil Contamination Issues Persist in Blairstown

200+ tandem dump trucks brought to Mt. Vernon Road property found to have carried dirty fill to a residential property, almost three years since. 

Containing pieces of glass, asphalt, seashells and solid waste, the dumped material was originally tested in 2021 by LSRP Brockerhoff Environmental Services. 

INTERESTING FOLKS: Retired State Fire Warden Bob Wolff – Still on the Job as ‘Our Eye in the Sky’

Most days, and lately more often than not, our Fire Towers have had available 'fire observers' stationed high above us in all of New...

Blairstown Celebrates Pride Day at Footbridge Park on June 4th

Photos by Joe Phalon for the Ridge View Echo
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