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Monday, June 17, 2024


Desi Dunn


SCCC Funding Their Future Event Supports Student Scholarships

Seen here L to R: Dr. Jon Connolly, SCCC president; Hon. Lorraine Parker and Dr. Tim Parker.

Two Local W.C. Tech Students Among 5 Recently Honored by Commissioners with Scholarships.

NEWS RELEASE Public Information Department County of Warren 908-475-6580 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Commissioners Honor Five Students with NJAC Foundation Scholarships (WHITE TOWNSHIP, NJ, July 13, 2023) – The Warren County...

USDA Announces Jan. 2023 Lending Rates for Farmers

PRESS RELEASE: USDA WASHINGTON (Jan. 3, 2023) – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced loan interest rates for January 2023, which are effective...

Pileated Woodpeckers Fascinate with Their Distinctive Drumming & Laugh – Calls Often Used in Old Jungle Movies

Listen carefully though and one is likely to hear a resonant and rather haunting tap, tap, tap, in the distance. If one is lucky, it is a pileated woodpecker, North America’s largest woodpecker and the sixth largest in the world.

Don’t get Yourself Stuck in a Rut!

If you are driving and notice a greater presence of deer in the line of trees bordering the road, if you are hiking and the bucks seem bolder and less shy, there is a reason for this. It is called the rut...

These Invaders Bite Yet Damage Little & Help Crops

MALB’s are small, generally only 7mm long by 5mm wide. Their color ranges from red, orange, yellow and sometimes even black. They commonly have 19 spots but can also have no spots at all. They are easily identifiable by the “M” design on the top of their head.

USDA Provides Payments of nearly $800 Million in Assistance to Help Keep Farmers Farming sent this bulletin at 10/18/2022 11:18 AM EDT  USDA Provides Payments of nearly $800 Million in Assistance to Help Keep Farmers Farming10/18/2022 12:05 PM...

Bear Facts

While you may occasionally be lucky enough to spot a black bear, how much do you really know about them? There are three types of bears that inhabit north America: the black bear, the grizzly bear, and the polar bear.

The Monarch, Royalty Among Butterflies

The advent of autumn brings with it one of the greatest migration stories ever told. This migration tale does not start with the wildebeests of Africa nor the birds flying south for the winter, but the Eastern monarch butterfly.

NEWS from Catfish Fire Tower, Hardwick:

Very High Wildfire Danger Persists. Tower to be lit up.

Raccoons Don’t Wash Their Food

Steeped deeply within Native American traditions, as well as in modern American folklore and film, the raccoon is one of the most iconic, and...

We Owe a Debt of Gratitude to New Jersey’s Vultures – Nature’s Clean Up Crew

It is not uncommon to witness them soaring effortlessly in the sky, but how much do you really know about vultures?Thanks to Hollywood, the...

Piebald Deer – Rare Natural Marvels

If you happen to be hiking in the woods and suddenly see a flash of white and something that appears to be a small...

The Blairstown Animal Control Officer (ACO) Wants You to Know about African Swine Fever (ASF) –

African Swine Fever (ASF) is currently the biggest challenge for the pig sector globally and the biggest current problem in animal health. It is...

“What is that AWFUL smell?” Please Understand it’s Likely the Gardners Best Friend – a Skunk

What is that AWEFUL smell? That is how most people are introduced to skunks, long before they ever see them. Granted, there are times that they do not smell like roses but there is far more to know about one of the cutest and most fragrant creatures in the wild.

Though Quite Common, Chipmunks are Anything but Ordinary

Long before reusable shopping bags were a thing, Eastern chipmunks perfected the art of toting loads of ‘groceries’ to their pantry using nothing more than expandable pouches in their cheeks...

Shy, Slow-Moving Turtles Know Where They’re Going

Why did the turtle cross the road? If you are like the Eastern box turtle pictured below, the answer is to find a place...

Congressional Redistricting – Warren County is now District 7

Primary elections take place next Tuesday, June 7th. It's important for you to know the following: Every 10 years, an American process occurs whereby...

Eccentricities Abound Among the Non-Flashy, Seemingly Boring Members of the Bird World  

With the spring migration in full swing, one might notice flashes of color around the birdfeeder not usually seen later in the year, but do not discount the seemingly mundane!