Thursday, September 29, 2022

About us

Paul Avery, Gail Keogh-Dwyer, Carol Cook and Desi Dunn
Our New Banner @ the Buck Hill Brewery this summer! With a mission to increase local news in local communities, the founding members seen here got a $35k NJ CIC grant to create the Ridge View Echo, L-R: Paul Avery, Gail Keogh-Dwyer, Carol Cook and Desi Dunn. (not shown, Grace Guida, Sam Tilney and Kevin Doell). Each played a critical role.

Our Founders

Paul Avery

Board President, Networking, Grantor Liason, Executive Editor

I have happily been a resident of Blairstown for the past 37 years. One of the benefits of small town living is that it allows individuals to participate in the town’s functioning and progress. I have served on the Blairstown Committee and Board of Education and in other capacities. More pertinent to my participation in the creation of the Ridge View Echo, is my background in journalism. I was a beat reporter for the Hackettstown newspaper, have been a feature contributor for the New York Times and New Jersey Herald, published and edited the Warren County Companion magazine and, for a couple of years, shortly before it’s demise, was the Editor of the Blairstown Press. I have a BA from Purdue University in Literature and History. When the New Jersey Civic Information Consortium (CIC) announced it was offering grants promoting the creation of reliable news and information sources for smaller communities like ours doing without, I couldn’t resist. Join us. Let’s make it happen!

Gail Keogh-Dwyer

Board Member, Treasurer

I was a member of the first graduating class at North Warren Regional High School. While I moved away after completing college, I returned to Blairstown and raised my family here. I joined the Ridge View Echo team because I want our local residents to have the best information about our area so they can become citizen advocates. My career has focused on consumer insight and consumer centered design. I have a BA in Sociology and an MBA in marketing.

John H. Maxman

Board Member, Advertising Sales

John has lived in Blairstown for the past 56 years, he is the former owner of JHM Signs in Alpha for 25 years and was publisher of 6 magazines with Maxco Publishing Company in Morris County in the late 80's. John was the Chairman of the Blairstown Economic and Development Committee in the '80's for over 4 years. John is married to Brenda Lenkey a Blairstown native and has 2 daughters, Jenna and Melissa and has 4 grandchildren.

Desiree Dunn

Managing Editor

Born & educated in NY with an Environmental Science degree, my husband and I reside in Hardwick with our young daughter and several spoiled pets. This is a true gem in Northwest New Jersey, and my commitment to the people and environs has been shown in the many different fields I've worked - municipal & county official, election clerk, open space plan writer, newspaper & radio journalist, grant writer, events coordinator and farm market manager as well as retail, waitressing and once for a short while in a huge warehouse. My favorite was as a reporter where I could take my camera and notebook to capture some of the interesting people and stories around us. I'm thrilled to now serve as RVE's Managing Editor and hope to help fellow writers hone their skills and show you the issues as well as treasures that exist in North Warren, through their eyes.


MB Journe

Contributing Writer

I feel blessed to be living in this part of New Jersey. I have enjoyed this community - taking advantage of the lakes and woods, always supporting the local businesses that make this my home. I know many of our residents, if not by name, at least by sight. I feel comfortable interviewing others. I have worked for The Paulinskill Valley Chronical where I provided articles, photographs and billing. I consider myself an artist, journalist, naturalist, gardener and a teacher for the YMCA Camp Mason. I look forward to the work ahead.

Alex Tironi

Contributing Writer

A recent graduate of George Mason University in Virginia, I’ve moved back home to Knowlton, NJ where I was born and raised. At school, I pursued a degree in journalism with a double minor in American Sign Language and nonprofit studies. In my three and a half years at Mason, I was an RA and worked as assistant news editor to the Fourth Estate, our university newspaper. I reported on many things but spent most of my time following campus crime and PD activity. Outside the classroom, I’ve worked for a nonprofit called the Borgen Project where I wrote about global health and poverty in third-world nations, and recently finished an internship writing and editing for a business consulting company in NY. Growing up in the area, I have always been active in my community and will move forward in my role as a contributing writer for the RVE with the same intention.

Kelly Simonetti, RN

Contributing Writer

Kelly Simonetti, Founder & Director of Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary, has enjoyed a long career in care giving. A graduate of nursing school, Kelly worked as an RN for 20 years while also volunteering her time to St Hubert’s Animal Shelter in Madison, NJ, where she cared for the many sick animals in the shelter. She has also held an animal control license since 1998, and has volunteered many hours with local animal rescue groups. During Hurricane Katrina, Kelly helped organize and mobilize the Morris County Animal Rescue Team. She was one of the primary organizers in the animal rescue efforts provided by St Hubert’s Animal Welfare and Sussex County Animal Rescue Team to transport and house the left-behind animals from the Katrina Disaster. In 2000, Kelly completed her training in wildlife rehabilitation and was granted a license from the State of New Jersey to practice. Since then, the Sanctuary has grown in leaps and bounds under her auspicious and dedicated leadership. Learn more at Antler Ridge Wild Life Sanctuary

John Hovell

Logo Designer

John has been an illustrator and retoucher since he was about three years old. After working as an Art Director for 13 years in the pharmaceutical industry, John recognized that he’d much rather be illustrating than farming out work to others. For the past three decades, John has illustrated for Brian J. Ganton and Associates, Blair Broadcast Designs, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. He has also illustrated for several publishers including Houghton Mifflin, McGraw Hill, Pearson Education, and Learner Books. John is currently a freelance art director and illustrator.

Joe Phalon

Contributing Writer

Joe was lured out of retirement by the opportunity to be a part of The Ridgeview Echo. During a decades-long career in publishing and journalism, he has covered government on many levels from local school boards to the United States Supreme Court.  Along the way, Joe has worked at American Lawyer Magazine, The National Law Journal and The Record among other publications, and as the Press Officer of Columbia Law School. His work has been recognized with several first place awards from the Society of Professional Journalists and the New Jersey Press Association. Being part of the Ridgeview Echo brings Joe back to his roots and the kind of news coverage he loves: Telling the stories of people and local communities as well as keeping an eye on how their money is spent by their government officials. Joe lives in Blairstown with his wife Rose, the founder of Quilting for a Cause, and their two wiener dogs. He is an artist in his spare time.

Kyra Dosch-Klemer

Designer & Developer

I’m a lover of all things creative. I love to create things and to think outside of the box. I'm a pixel pusher who has been designing for over 15 years. I specialize in branding and website design and I love bringing a story to life with integrity and purpose. Over the span of my career I have worked as designer, developer, project manager, art director, and owner. I am dedicated to my craft and I am pragmatic in my approach to design - it either serves a purpose, which means it works, or it doesn’t. I have developed an effective process over the years, that's evolved through working with different types of clients with different passions and different goals from different walks of life that helps me determine the right approach systematically and time efficiently. Also, I've learned to ask the right questions!

Andrew Nowel

Contributing Writer

Currently enrolled at Pope John XXIII High School in Sparta, New Jersey, Andrew Nowel is an up-and-coming journalist. He has restarted the school newspaper at Pope John as well as writing sports' articles for the school. Andrew has worked with Morris Sussex Sports in sports broadcasting and analyzes professional sports in his free time. He also has had articles published in the Sparta Living monthly magazine. Andrew plays two sports at Pope John, baseball and soccer. He strives to inform the people about the local sports and the young athletes of our community.

Jennifer Ann Major

Contributing Writer

Jennifer is a health and wellness advocate. Her company All Things Good creates a variety of herbal and natural cosmetic products as well as teas, spices and herbal infused syrups. She leases a one-acre parcel of farmland and uses the herbs and flowers grown on the land to make many of her products. She is a teacher of herbal studies, and her favorite classroom is within nature where she shares her knowledge of herbs and natural cosmetic making as well as gardening. Jennifer is a graduate of Rutgers University having graduated with a major in History. Her Post college education include massage Therapy Certification from Dover business College, Yoga Teacher certification as well as continued study in Herbal courses for over twenty years. She is a resident of Hardwick Township NJ, and loves being involved in community events. Always having loved writing, she is thrilled to be back at it and reporting for the Ridgeview Echo.