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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Gallery 23 to Celebrate June Artists 

PRESS RELEASE: Gallery 23, Blairstown (04/23/2024) – Gallery 23 is a cooperative of artists who display and sell a diverse array of locally made American arts and crafts. Located at 23 Main Street in Blairstown’s historic village since 2001, the Gallery’s mission is to provide an inviting public space for members to display their work and interact with one another and the community.

Each month, they’ve chosen to feature specific artists and their creations. The month of June will showcase the following artists, one specializing in photography and the other, pottery. 

Diane Pratt is a renowned photographer known for her love of gardens, nature and architecture.  She captures her beautiful images when she travels, sometimes going back several times to “capture the most pleasing or revealing light.”

Island Spirit Boat, by Diane Pratt. Photo credit: Gallery 23 Staff

Diane’s favorite color is blue, so it was no surprise that on her first trip to the Virgin Islands she fell in love with the landscapes. The series “Caribbean Blues” has come out of her annual trips to St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands and to the surrounding Islands. The series consist of sailboats, beaches and sunsets showing the blue colors of the Caribbean. Diane is one of the founding members of Gallery 23 in Blairstown.

Marian Van Buren has been part of the Gallery 23 cooperative since 2017. “I’ve worked with clay for a long time, starting in high school when I apprenticed for a summer with a potter on Cape Cod,” says Marian.

For years, work and clay ran parallel; then I stepped away fully from the conventional to embrace the creative world. Being a potter fulfills a lifetime search for personal expression, individual freedom, and most of all, the world’s best playground. The majority of her work is made with wheel thrown and altered porcelain. Then multiple glazes are applied in layers using a spray gun. Pieces are then high-fired in an electric kiln, with a slow cooling cycle to enhance color and surface.

Porcelain ice cream bowl d: 6” by Marian Van Buren. Photo credit: Gallery 23 Staff
Porcelain pitcher h: 7” x 3-1/2 inches by Marian Van Buren. Photo credit: Gallery 23 Staff