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Saturday, May 25, 2024

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Beads, Stones and Crystals Guarantee Unique Designs at Blairstown’s Main Street Jewelry

Connie Augello and her partner Richard Wright live in an apartment above the store. Photo by MB Journe, 04/2024.

Main Street Jewelry is located at 11 Main Street, Blairstown – a very cute little shop across the street from the Blair waterfall. The shop has gifts and jewelry all made by Constance Augello, known to many as simply Connie.

Open for three years, she can be found there on Wednesdays through Saturdays, although appointments can be scheduled at other times by calling her at 484-707-6618 or reaching out by email at

Tiny, yet replete with glittery gifts like beaded pens, Swarovski crystal headbands, necklaces, earrings and so much more. Photo by MB Journe, 04/2024.
Special tree images on various pendants. Photo by MB Journe, 04/2024.

She makes one-of-a-kind gifts using beads, polished stones and semi-precious crystals as well as cut and polished minerals. She has been studying the crystals she uses in her work for many years, understanding their qualities and the effects they have to offer. 

Window light catchers. Photo by MB Journe, 04/2024.
Gemstone headbands by Connie. Photo by MB Journe, 04//2024.
Beaded dessert cutlery gifts by Connie. Photo by MB Journe, 04/2024.

She likes to make custom wedding gifts for the bride, groom and the wedding party, completing the look with their hairstyles for the special day. While you shop, Augello can clean your gold and silver jewelry with her UltraSonic l cleaner at no charge. She enjoys creating singular pieces no one else will have and can repair jewelry and install batteries for most brands of watches. 

Augello and her partner Richard Wright live in an apartment above the store. The retired couple decided to rent the store when it became available and Main Street Jewelry was born. Known as “the window screen guy,” Wright uses the back room for his business as a fix-it man for homeowners – repairing screens and other odd jobs.   

Augello has made her living as a beautician, and she enjoys people and creating a whole new look for them with color.

“I like to create beauty,” Augello said. “I use my hair color charts now when designing jewelry. Making jewelry is my way of staying creative and when I have trouble sleeping, I will go downstairs and make something glittery I will focus on the piece, and it calms me instead of tossing and turning. I find peace in every creation.”

She finds this creative task good for dealing with her PTSD, caused by past trauma.

“I am not my trauma,” she said. “It is something that happened to me.”

These stone bracelets have magnetic clasps. She says the magnet bracelets help with balance and calm the mind. Photo by MB Journe, 04/2024.
Fun for all ages, these intricate rainbow wire bracelets take two days to make. Photo by MB Journe, 04/2024.
Yelens Choban
MB Journe, Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer

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