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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Kalos Brings Innovative Celtic Roots Music to Blairstown’s Roy’s Hall

PRESS RELEASE: BLAIRSTOWN, N.J. – Kalos, a Celtic roots trio, will perform an eclectic, invigorating mix of instrumentals and songs at Roy’s Hall, 30 Main Street in Blairstown, on Friday, May 17. Tickets for the 8 p.m. concert may be purchased online via a ticket link on the venue’s website,

Kalos features Ryan McKasson (fiddle, viola, vocals), Eric McDonald (guitar, mandolin, lead vocals) and Jeremiah McLane (accordion, piano, vocals). The three are masters of tradition who make alluringly complex music full of spontaneous artistry. Pulling from parallel strains of influence in the traditional music canon, Kalos’ underlying drive and pulse, rhythmic electricity and swirling intensity transform traditional repertoire into a vital, elemental, genre-transcending sound appealing to music lovers of all stripes. 

The trio’s 2023 debut album, “Headland,” takes listeners through a range of moods, rom poignant yearning to exuberant celebration. “Headland,” which refers to a point where land meets sea, is a fitting analogy for the exploratory space Kalos inhabits that calls forth driving, heartfelt music journeying through unknown territory to seek and find its essence, the enduring, resilient experience of the human heart. 

As a critic for the UK’s “Folkwords” wrote: “There’s a certain spontaneity at work as the three musicians alternately contest and duel, combine and coalesce to bring their talents together.”

More information on the trio can be found on its website