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Knowlton Man Faces “Ghost Gun” Charges

A Knowlton man has been arrested on charges involving the manufacturing and sale of “ghost guns” as well as child endangerment, the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office said. 

Joseph Palumbo, Jr., of the Columbia section of Knowlton, faces charges related to the unlawful manufacturing and sales of firearms without serial numbers, commonly known as “ghost guns,” in Warren and Morris Counties. 

According to Warren County Prosecutor James L. Pfeiffer and Morris County Prosecutor Robert J. Carroll, Palumbo is alleged to have manufactured and sold the guns between December 2023 and February of this year.

Pfeiffer said the majority of the guns were considered to be assault weapons. The sales involved one homemade gun without a serial number, five homemade AR platformed assault firearms without serial numbers and two large capacity magazines. 

Palumbo was arrested after a motor vehicle stop on February 8. 

During the execution of a search warrant on Palumbo’s Columbia residence, an alleged ghost gun manufacturing facility was located in the basement. Searches were also conducted at Palumbo’s Barber Shop, located in Netcong and his vehicle. 

As a result of these searches, two additional homemade AR platformed assault firearms without serial numbers, approximately 36 additional firearms consisting of assault firearms and handguns, numerous firearms components used to manufacture firearms, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and approximately three firearm silencers were seized, Pfeiffer said.

Palumbo, Jr. has been charged, as follows:

  • four counts of second degree for certain persons not to possess a firearm;
  • seven counts of second degree for unlawful possession of an assault firearm;
  • eight counts of second degree for transporting a manufactured firearm without a serial number;
  • one count of second degree for conspiracy to manufacture and transport firearms without serial numbers;
  • one count of second degree for purchasing firearm parts to manufacture a firearm without a permit;
  • one count of second degree for child endangerment;
  • eight counts of third degree for unlawful possession of a firearm without a serial number;
  • one count of fourth degree for unlawful possession of a large capacity ammunition magazine;
  • one count of fourth degree manufacture for transport and disposition of large capacity magazines; and,
  • one count of fourth degree for manufacture, transport and disposition of firearm silencers.

As a result of this investigation, Monica D. Scaglione, 30, of Columbia, was also charged with one count of fourth degree child neglect after it was determined that minor children reside in Palumbo, Jr. and Scaglione’s shared home, where an abundance of unsecured firearms and ammunition were located and seized, Pfeiffer said.

Palumbo has been detained in the Morris County Correctional Facility pending future court proceedings. Scaglione was charged on a summons complaint, processed and released pending a court appearance.

Joe Phalon
Joe Phalon, Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer

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