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Monday, June 24, 2024

Ramos Re-elected Frelinghuysen Mayor; Osadca Sworn In 

Keith Ramos was elected to another term as mayor by the Frelinghuysen township committee and Debra Natyzak Osadca was sworn in for a first term as a member at the committee reorganization on January 3. 

Osadca made her presence known quickly voting against Ramos’ nomination for mayor and peppering fellow committee members with questions on budgets, payments and other issues on the meeting’s consent agenda. 

The consent agenda is a listing of matters considered to be routine by a governing body and are usually approved in a voice vote for the full list. Generally, a committee member can ask for an item to be removed from the consent agenda. 

Osadca, however, objected to the inclusion of the committee meeting times in the consent agenda, which she said wished to discuss. She said she felt the matter was rushed through. 

“You go so damn fast,” she said. 

At issue was the 6 p.m. starting time for most regular and workshop meetings of the township committee, which Osadca said was too early for many people. 

Ramos initially said the matter was closed as it was included in the consent agenda, which was approved by the committee before Osadca raised her objections. 

“The question is, can we change the meeting time to 7 p.m.? We already took action on that,” Ramos said. “It was in the consent agenda.”

Township attorney Richard Beilin said the committee did have the ability to revisit the issue should the governing body choose to do so, which they did. Ramos said he preferred 6 p.m. because it’s more convenient.

“We’re not here late into the evening,” he said. 

Osadca said she has gotten complaints that the meeting is too early for many people with work commitments. 

Deputy Mayor Chris Stracco made a motion to remove the meeting time from the consent agenda so it would be voted on separately, although he said he would oppose that motion.

The 4-1 vote meant that the starting time would not be revisited, thereby keeping it at 6 p.m. 

Joe Phalon
Joe Phalon, Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer

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