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Frelinghuysen BOE Tackles School Costs and HIB Questions

Frelinghuysen Township School District board of education met January 18.

In a sparsely attended meeting, on one of the coldest nights of the year, the Frelinghuysen Township School District’s board of education (BOE) met on January 18.

In a discussion on yearly school costs, member Doreen Pandiscia suggested finding an oil company that will let the school lock in at a price through a contract to keep the school warm and costs down. Interim business administrator Greg Brennan agreed and said he would look into it.

When the floor was opened to members of the public, a Frelinghuysen school parent (who shall remain anonymous to protect the privacy of a minor) presented a list of questions regarding the school’s Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying Policy (HIB). 

Board president Kimberly Neuffer advised that since Jarlyn Veras, the chief school administrator (CSA) and anti-bullying specialist was not present the board would not be able to answer the questions appropriately. Neuffer suggested the parent contact the CSA privately.

The parent acknowledged the suggestion and said, “I’m going to go through my questions and you can answer them or not.”

The parent’s chief complaint was that they had not been notified until seven days had passed that their child had been involved in an HIB case. Neuffer and Brennan cautioned the parent to bring the issue to Veras.

The parent said she had and was not satisfied with Veras’ answers. The parent said they felt they had no recourse but to come to the board and then requested an executive session with them.

Brennan responded by letting the parent know that the executive session was not for that type of communication but acknowledged that he had received an email from the parent and would look into the situation.

The parent then promptly left the meeting. The board went into its executive session.

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