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Jacksic Reappointed Mayor at Hardwick Reorganization

Nichole Meuse takes the oath of office for another term as deputy mayor of Hardwick administered by N.J. State Sen. Douglas Steinhardt as township clerk Kristin Shipps holds the Bible. Photo by Joe Phalon.

They stayed the course at the helm in Hardwick. 

At the January 2 reorganization meeting, township committee member Chris Jacksic, who is currently serving as mayor, was re-elected to that position by the three-member committee. 

Nichole Meuse, the incumbent committee member who serves as deputy mayor, was also re-elected to her post. 

John Lovell, who was re-elected to the committee in November, was sworn into a new term. Accompanied by his wife, Denise, and granddaughter, Clara, the oath of office was administered by N.J. State Sen. Douglas Steinhardt. 

Hardwick committee member John Lovell is sworn into a second term by N.J. State Sen. Douglas Steinhardt as his wife, Denise, and granddaughter, Clara, look on. Photo by Joe Phalon.

Lovell noted that he has marked a half century in government and as an elected official. 

“This is my 50th year,” Lovell said.

He moved to Hardwick after a career in public administration having served as township manager in Randolph and Franklin Township as well as administrative positions in several other municipalities. 

“I retired and we moved up here and decided to get involved and run for office,” Lovell said. “It’s been a pleasure.”

He attributed the success of the township’s goals to the staff. 

“I’m very proud of the town and its commitments in recent years and actually recent months,” Lovell said. “It’s a completely different town hall to walk into today than it was just a few months back, so thank you to all, thank you to the staff.”

Jacksic echoed Lovell’s praise of the staff, which numbers just a handful of people in a town the size of Hardwick. 

“Kristin has been our right hand,” Jacksic said of Kristin Shipps, the township clerk. “She does a tremendous job as the clerk in a shared service, which is even better because our residents love going down to visit her down in Blairstown.” 

Hardwick shares the services of municipal clerk with Blairstown.

Jacksic also said he was pleased with the work of the Department of Public Works, saying DPW Director Tom Campbell and his staff have kept the roads in Hardwick “tremendous.”

Joe Phalon
Joe Phalon, Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer

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