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Monday, June 24, 2024

INTERESTING FOLKS: Obviously a Child Prodigy, Blairstown’s Livia Angelone Brings a Studied Artistic Eye to Everything She Does

Bust of Jesus in bronze by Livia Angelone. Photo by MB Journe, 1/2024

Livia Angelone is a local artist and sculptor whose distinctive works possess power and attention to detail that was cast in early childhood.

At the age of three, young Livia started crafting her favorite animals out of Play-Doh. By five, her mother bought her Plasteline modeling clay.

She would carry her creations around wherever she went, quietly engaged in the art. While visiting a beloved family chiropractor’s office in Suffern, New York, a patient noticed her working with the clay. He enthusiastically encouraged her mother.

“This child is extremely talented, a child prodigy, you should get her an art teacher.”

Bobcat sketch. Photo by MB Journe, 1/2024

At nine, Angelone began private lessons with Peter Cozzolino, a master sculptor of considerable fame and achievement. She developed her talent through the intensive study of anatomy and mastered renderings in charcoal, pencil and sculpting.

Angelone’s childhood horse pencil rendering at 10. Photo by MB Journe, 1/2024

Over the coming years, she furthered her discipline by attending open art classes at the Old Church Cultural Center of Art in Demarest, New Jersey, the youngest in her class.

A portrait of Elvis Presley from Angelone’s early days. Photo by MB Journe, 1/2024

Angelone has since done numerous commission pieces, beloved pets, deceased family members and representational scenes. For a time, she was painting on the backs of leather jackets and denim.

Pegasus painting on leather. Photo by MB Journe, 1/2024
Saint George on leather jacket. Photo by MB Journe, 1/2024
At 12, she created this roaring lion in bronze. Photo by MB Journe, 1/2024

At 15, Angelone completed her first commission of a life-size bronze of a client’s deceased dad with only one photo to serve as a reference. A bit later, she completed a complicated restoration of a historic wine cistern for Palace Galleries in New York City.

At 17, Angelone was regularly showing and selling her paintings and sculptures. She donated a bust of Jesus to Saint Joseph’s Church in Lodi, and she was a featured artist in “Town and Country Magazine.”

A Paramus High School graduate who studied liberal arts at Bergen County Community College, Angelone has steadfastly maintained a level of old-world mastery and attention to detail that has qualified her work to be exhibited in prestigious galleries.

Custom horse painting. Photo by MB Journe, 1/2024
African hunt scene by Livia Angelone. Photo by MB Journe, 1/2024

Gallery exhibits:

  • Benedetti Gallery, New York, New York
  • Morantz Gallery, Cliffside Park
  • Gallerie Don West, Hampton, New York
  • Bergen County Museum, Paramus
  • Blair Academy, Blairstown
  • Gallery 23, Blairstown

Angelone’s first love is her art but for the past 20 years, she has owned and operated LJA Coleman Construction as a general contractor and a project coordinator. Angelone drafts plans for new construction, additions and renovations. She’s been employed by other local contractors to operate their heavy equipment because of her attention to detail and because she also holds a class A CDL license.

In 2001, Angelone started volunteering with the Blairstown Ambulance Corps and Blairstown Fire Department. After leaving that volunteer service, she ran into Bob Wolff, a member of the North Jersey Wildland Fire Association, Section A3 out of Andover. He recruited Angelone and for the last 12 years, she has been working with Section A3.

Angelone is a landscape designer and painter. Check out her Facebook page:

Call Angelone for commission work or any questions, reference requests, art lessons or for your construction needs of any size at 908-362-5816, between the hours of 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Yelens Choban
MB Journe, Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer

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