Saturday, December 9, 2023

Blairstown Showed Serious Taste for the Macabre

This skeleton apparently was aggrieved by his particularly gruesome fate. Photo by D.L. Dunn, 10/2023

Scores of ghoulish little goblins, along with fair maidens, superheroes and blow-up characters of all sizes descended on Blairstown’s Main Street, High Street and East Street for the annual Halloween Parade, October 31.

Afterward, the tricksters and their guardians trooped up High Street where most residents didn’t skimp on truly fantastical displays for their homes with almost everyone outside happily offering treats for the throngs of kids.

The decor on High Street, in particular, included what looked (from far away to the near sighted amongst us) like a giant Elmo being torched near a BBQ with smoke billowing up behind him; a gruesome display of a cadaver with assorted realistic bones on the lawn of a decked out quaint house which had the occupant ready with a mechanism to make a creep spring up to frighten the kids who ventured by; three tasteful black witches in front of the porch; a town pastor who stood in front of her home offering tricks (lifelike cockroaches) or treats to kids; and, basically anyone else alive or running a business who wished to join in the frivolities.

Kids could be seen running back down the stairs after braving the display to go up to the porch to get candy. Photo by D.L. Dunn, 10/2023
One of several large and very sinister figures on the lawn offering who knows what to passersby. Photo by D.L. Dunn, 10/2023
This boy had his father and friend on hand to help him carry his giant headpiece and assorted booty. Photo by D.L. Dunn, 10/2023.
Very polite and debonair, this giant 8-foot tall giraffe accompanied his baby giraffe through the streets. Photo by D.L. Dunn, 10/2023
Even this little dog couldn’t escape being dressed up as a lobster to delight passersby. Photo by D.L. Dunn, 10/2023
The owners of Villages Ice Cream the E-Bike store on Main Street cooked up hotdogs and offered much appreciated hot chocolate. Photo by D.L.Dunn, 10/2023
Many adult parents and guardians were on hand as well as local police to guide young revelers. Photo by D.L. Dunn, 10/2023

Desiree Dunn
Desi L. Dunn, Managing Editor
Managing Editor

Born & educated in NY with a 1988 Environmental Science degree from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, my husband and I reside in Hardwick with our young daughter and several spoiled pets. This is a true gem in Northwest New Jersey, and my commitment to the people and environs has been shown in the many different fields I've worked - municipal & county official, election clerk, open space plan writer, newspaper & radio journalist, grant writer, events coordinator and farm market manager as well as retail, waitressing, archiological digger and once for a short while in a very huge warehouse.

My favorite job was as a reporter for many years with the Recorder newspapers, Blairstown Press, Paulinskill Chronicle, Gannett publications plus WNTI Public Radio producing public affairs and human interest stories on-air.

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