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Blairstown’s Main Street Sidewalk Market Could Go Monthly

Main Street merchants were pleased with the results of semi-spontaneous sidewalk sale on Aug. 9. Photo by Joe Phalon, 8/2023.

Most street fairs and other community events are the result of weeks—if not months—of meticulous planning.

Or other times you can just wing it.

Call it the Main Street Fair of Almost Complete Spontaneity, if you will. Jacqueline De Leeuw and Gab Demino, owners of the Comfy Komodo and Java Gypsy, which opened earlier this year next to the Gourmet Gallery and known for its eclectic collection of clothing, art and other furnishings, had been displaying some of their merchandise on the sidewalk for most of the summer.

Jacqueline De Leeuw of Comfy Komodo and Gabrielle De Ninno of Java Gypsy on Main Street in Blairstown. Photo by Joe Phalon, 8/2023.

Knowing they’d be on the sidewalk again on Aug. 19, they asked a Lisa Kleber at nearby Village Sundaes if she’s like to get involved.

Lisa Kleber, owner of Village Sundaes and the newly opened Main Street Depot Aventon e-bike shop next door, ready to tool around the town. Photo by Joe Phalon, 8/2023.

Within five minutes, or maybe a little longer, word spread up and down the block and before anybody could say “Sold!” most of Main Street was on board.

Main Street merchants and vendors set up on the sidewalks and created what could be described as a market with the DNA of Woodstock and H&M.

“We’ve been here a few months and we’ve been successful selling outside,” said De Leeuw. “A few others said they’d like to do the same thing.”

Kleber, who recently opened Main Street Depot, which sells Aventon e-bikes, next door to Village Sundaes signed on and told more businesses.

With the success of their first street event De Leeuw said they’d like to make it a monthly event. And they won’t over plan it.

Joe Phalon
Joe Phalon, Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer

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