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Monday, June 24, 2024

Speed Limit Has Been Lowered in Blairstown

You might want to ease up on the gas pedal heading south out of the Village in Blairstown. If you haven’t noticed, new speed limit signs went up this week with a lower speed limit on Route 94.

The portion of Route 94, just south of Main Street, where a 50-mph limit was marked, has been lowered to 45-mph. The reduced limit continues south on Route 94 for two miles to Eldan Place, just south of the Acme supermarket, where the current 50-mph zone resumes to the border of Knowlton.

The revised stretch includes the intersection of Lambert Road, as well numerous businesses such as Dollar General, Tractor Supply and other smaller stores and restaurants.

The township municipal complex, which includes the police department and first aid squad is also located along the stretch.

Township officials, who had requested the reduction from the state Department of Transportation, had been concerned because of the number of left turns these locations necessitate, unlike stretches of Route 94 further west, which run largely along farmland.

The speed limit of 35-mph on Route 94 through the Blairstown Village area will remain unchanged.

The new speed limits actually took effect January 13th but enforcement had to be put on hold until the new signs were installed.

The Route 94 change comes about two years after speed limit reductions and other traffic pattern changes were instituted on municipal streets in the Blairstown Village area.

After the township took over jurisdiction of Bridge Street and High Street from the county, the speed limits were lowered to 15-mph from 20-mph.

At the same time, Main Street was changed to a one-way thoroughfare, running from west to east. Additional stop signs were also placed on Bridge Street and High Street.

Joe Phalon
Joe Phalon, Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer

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