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Monday, June 24, 2024

Glider Makes Unscheduled Stop in Blairstown Cornfield

A pilot landed a glider in a cornfield, July 23, sustaining minor injuries. Blairstown Police responded to the crash into a field near Vail Road around 2 p.m., Chief Scott Johnsen said.

First responders were less than a half-mile away at an appreciation barbeque at Newbaker Funeral Home when the call came in. The site of the crash site was hidden within the field from ground level.

Hope Volunteer Firefighter John Kruk was able to locate the plane using a drone and contacted him with help from the Blairstown Hose Company No. 1 and the Blairstown Ambulance Corps.

Kruk said he was under care within 10 minutes of the cornfield landing.

Another bystander who saw the plane actually go down in the field was able to locate him based on line of sight, Kruk said.

The drone searched from an altitude of 200 feet to avoid conflicts with manned aircraft looking for the glider from 400 feet. The pilot had lost altitude and “did not have enough lift to make it back to the Blairstown Airport,” prompting a “controlled landing” onto the nearby cornfields, Johnsen said.

The glider was disassembled on the field and removed in several sections.

Joe Phalon
Joe Phalon, Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer

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