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Monday, June 17, 2024

Women and Their Woods Retreat Comes to Blairstown – Sept. 23-24

PRESS RELEASE: Newton, NJ — Ridge and Valley Conservancy (RVC), a land trust protecting open space in northwest New Jersey, is proud to announce this year’s Women and Their Woods event, the fourth in a program they began offering four years ago.  This year’s event will be a transformative two-day retreat designed for women interested in forest care and stewardship. It will be held at Princeton-Blairstown Center in Blairstown, which offers a serene and immersive setting for participants, as well as overnight accommodations.

Women and Their Woods is an innovative program designed to educate and empower attendees to develop a personalized vision for the future of their land and legacy. It equips them with the tools and resources needed to effectively implement and communicate their plan to professionals. Reflecting on the genesis of this program, Susi Tilley, Executive Director of RVC, shared, “My own desire to delve into forestry stewardship originated from a lifelong emotional connection with the land. Participating in a women-only workshop allowed me to translate that connection into a well-defined vision of my forest’s potential.”

Women and Their Woods retreatRecent studies have highlighted the significant and growing population of women landowners in the United States. However, women forest landowners have been historically underserved in terms of support, education, and resources. Despite accounting for 58% of woodland property ownership, women are less likely than men to engage in habitat management, green certification, tax abatement programs, or seek advice about their wooded land.

“We firmly believe that a successful woodland management plan must align with the goals and vision of the landowners,” shared Tilley. “To achieve this, owners must understand their resources, available support, and, most importantly, their own desires. Our retreat aims to help women ask the right questions and discover their answers.”

Women and Their Woods retreat“I can’t explain it, but there’s something about being in a group that is all women with presentations from women that is extra relaxing, informative, and fun,” said Women and Their Woods event chairwoman Christine Hepburn, Ph.D.

Modeled after successful events nationwide, Women and Their Woods offers participants valuable insights into forest health, best management practices, and the financial benefits of protecting forests. The retreat will delve into topics like landscaping with native plants, local wildlife, climate corridors, and identifying and managing invasive plants. Local experts in ecology and forestry will take the stage to share their knowledge and experiences.

Event details and registration information can be found on RVC’s website at or by calling 908-362-7989. The retreat will include outdoor exploration, so attendees are advised to wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Come rain or shine, this event promises to be a transformative experience for women passionate about forest care and stewardship.


WHAT: Women and Their Woods 2023 Retreat, hosted by Ridge and Valley Conservancy

WHERE: Princeton-Blairstown Center, Blairstown, NJ

WHEN: Saturday, September 23-Sunday September 24

COST: $150 per person (includes workshops, meals, and lodging – first come, first served)

REGISTRATION: or call 908-362-7989

AUDIENCE: Women who are interested in learning about why and how to take care of their forests.

About Ridge and Valley Conservancy

Ridge and Valley Conservancy (RVC) is a private, non-profit local land trust, founded in 1992, that preserves natural areas within the Appalachian Valley and Ridge Region of northwestern New Jersey for the benefit of people and wildlife. Many of our preserves are open to the public, so that people may commune with nature. RVC acquires both land and conservation easements; assists in the stewardship of public land and advises landowners on their conservation options. RVC is accredited by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. For additional information, please visit

Contact: Sarah Schnurr, 908-362-7989