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Monday, June 24, 2024

Parenting Skills Classes Available in Newton

Project Self-Sufficiency Offers Classes in August and September

Newton, NJ (July 20, 2023) – Parents, caregivers and educators are invited to attend an 8-week parenting skills course at Project Self-Sufficiency, Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m., beginning August 2nd.  The workshops are part of the Smart Parents, Strong Communities public health initiative launched recently by Project Self-Sufficiency.  Classes will help participants identify their parenting goals, address behavioral problems, and promote healthy child development. The Smart Parents, Strong Communities features the Triple P Positive Parenting Program, a comprehensive education initiative targeted to parents, healthcare professionals, educators, and caregivers of children up the age of five.   Interested participants are invited to call Project Self-Sufficiency, 973-940-3500, to register.

In addition to parenting skills seminars, the program incorporates one-on-one consultations, group meetings, and online support.  The curriculum is used in more than 35 countries and has been shown to work across cultures, socio-economic groups and in many kinds of family structures.  ’Triple P gives parents simple and practical strategies to help them build strong, healthy relationships, confidently manage their children’s behavior, and prevent problems from developing,” explains Project Self-Sufficiency Executive Director Deborah Berry-Toon.

As the new program develops, other forums will be available to parents to address a wide range of topics targeted to their individual needs, including virtual workshops and additional in-person events.  The overall initiative aims to address the social and emotional health of parents and children, reinforce social connections, promote knowledge of parenting and child development, and provide concrete support in times of need. In-depth presentations regarding specific parenting issues, such as disobedience, aggression, mealtimes, toilet training, and bedtime strategies will also be held at various sites in the community and in partnership with pediatricians and other healthcare providers and education professionals.  The program also offers support for early childhood educators who will be invited to attend online workshops to address child development and other issues.

About Project Self-Sufficiency

Project Self-Sufficiency has assisted low-income individuals and families in northwestern New Jersey since 1986.  Services offered at Project Self-Sufficiency include high school equivalency education, computer courses, employment skills training, job placement services, support groups, parenting classes, childcare and preschool, legal assistance and education, counseling and advocacy, referrals, and help with emergency basic needs, like food and clothing.  For more information about the programs and services offered by Project Self-Sufficiency, visit or call 973-940-3500.


Deborah Berry-Toon
Executive Director, Project Self-Sufficiency