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Friday, June 14, 2024

Hazy, Smoke-filled Skies May Return

The vista from the overlook on Jenny Jump Road of Hope and the Kittatinny Ridge beyond was completely obscured by smoke-filled skies, June 8th. Photo by D.L. Dunn, 6/2023
View from Catfish Fire Tower. Visibility was said to be only 1/4 mile. Photo provided by B. Wolff, 6/2023

According to, air quality across the North Warren region as well as statewide is rated currently Moderate. Uncontrolled wildfires are continuing to rage across British Columbia in Canada, thus much of the United States below is subject to changing wind patterns, low precipitation and lightning strikes sparking wildfires.

With bad air quality conditions expected to last until at least mid-August, people with compromised breathing are advised to avoid prolonged exposure or exertion outdoors this summer. To keep track of air quality indices and smoke drift, visit and

Quite often stationed high above us as a trained fire observer in the Catfish Fire Tower, former State fire official, Bob Wolff said, “Smoke is impacting other parts of the country now, especially Minnesota. It will be back when wind shifts.”

“The sun looked like the moon,” said Wolff. Photo by N. Dunn, 6/2023
Desiree Dunn
Desi L. Dunn, Writer
Managing Editor at Desiree L. Dunn, LLC

Born & educated in NY with an Environmental Science degree from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Desi's family resides in Hardwick with a young teen and several spoiled pets. Considering northwest Jersey to be a true gem, her commitment to the people and environs is exemplified by the many different jobs she's had - municipal & county official, election clerk, open space plan writer, newspaper & radio journalist, grant writer, events coordinator and farm market manager as well as retail, waitressing, archaeological digger and once for a short while in a very huge warehouse.

Her favorite was as a reporter for many years with the Recorder newspapers, Blairstown Press, Paulinskill Chronicle, Gannett publications plus WNTI Public Radio producing public affairs and human interest stories on-air.

She often has her camera ready to capture interesting people and events. She's thrilled to now serve as RVE's Managing Editor, helping fellow writers hone their skills and show you the issues as well as treasures that exist in North Warren, through their eyes.