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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: 8° Thai Ice Cream, 766 Main Street, Stroudsburg

Proprietors Wendy and Guy Pan brought this very popular store to Main Street in Stroudsburg and have kept it going strong for three years. Guy pours a very popular bubble tea. Photo by D. L. Dunn, 5/2023

The exciting Thai ice cream is not kept at 8 degrees Fahrenheit. Instead, the pans that are integral to the process of rolling ice cream are kept at -20 degrees Fahrenheit, said proprietor, Wendy Pan.

Having many relatives in Connecticut already successful in the business, she and her husband, Guy, decided to give it a try three years ago. The business, located at 766 Main Street in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania is diagonally across from the Pocono YMCA, and has proven quite popular.

Bubble milk tea, fruit tea and, of course, their amazing ice cream rolls make this place a must-see. They also have non-dairy options using coconut milk, plus croissants, cookies, poundcakes and about 17 different toppings to dress up creations.

Cookie Monster, Sweet Heart, Monkey Business and S’mores Galore are just some of the many tantalizing options. Photo by D.L. Dunn, 5/2023.

The process of making ice cream rolls is fascinating to watch behind a glass panel. First, the chosen liquid ice cream or non-dairy liquid is poured onto the freezing cold, -20 degree Fahrenheit round pan with chosen additives. For example, blueberries, graham crackers or bananas and all-favorite Nutella. The choices are myriad and fun to choose.

Owner Guy Pan poured in blueberries for an Evil Berry. Photo by D.L. Dunn / Enhanced by N. Dunn, 5/2023

Then these are expertly chopped, mixed together further and finally spread out into a thin rectangle, similar to making crepes. With a spatula resembling a putty knife, about six rolls are cut and wedged into a rather large ice cream cup.

Creating rolled ice cream is possible. Photo by D.L. Dunn, 5/2023

Finally, customers are asked to select up to five toppings which can include any of the 17 available like fruit, vanilla wafers, sprinkles, nuts, whipped cream and a cherry or another combination of delights. An option is given to have no toppings for a lesser amount and perhaps a clearer conscience.

While some patrons prefer sliced bananas, strawberries and other fresh fruit, gummy bears, Oreos and rainbow sprinkles are the most popular, said Wendy Pan. Photo by D.L.Dunn, 5/2023

The choices for bubble milk or fruit tea, both hot and cold, are diverse and many more than can be described, but about 18 to date, said Wendy Pan.

All customizations can be made with popping bobas in traditional chewy tapioca or fruit that are literally sweeping the nation at different venues.

Owner Wendy Pan at the helm. Photo by D.L. Dunn, 5/2023

Desiree Dunn
Desi L. Dunn, Managing Editor
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