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Earth Day is Every Day at Genesis Farm! – Open House Set for May 6th

The grounds at Genesis Farms are stunning. Photo by J. Major, 4/2023

The Community Supported Garden (CSG) at Genesis Farm, located at 41 Silver Lake Road in Frelinghuysen, is poised to hold their Annual Open House, Saturday, May 6th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. This is an event that brings the community together to share the beauty and magic that makes up the stunning landscape of the farm.

One of Genesis Farms’ invaluable farm tractors at rest. Photo by J. Major. 4/2023

Leading with their heart and respecting the integrity of the soil for the past 35 years, the Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm has paved the way for numerous other similar operations across the region. Apprenticing at Genesis Farm provides valuable insights and forms unique relationships.

Instead of straight purchases of their organic produce, Genesis Farm utilizes the Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA model. By purchasing a share in Genesis Farms, the fee is dedicated to a share in the Farm.

A share posted at Genesis Farm. Photo by J. Major, 4/2023

The farm can then operate with a better foothold, knowing that its shareholders are investing up front in the costs of operating a farm. This limits some of the risks because shareholders invest in both the favorable outcomes and unexpected events that may limit productivity.

There are several types of shares, including Full Year, Weekly or Biweekly pick up, Spring or Winter, as well as a smaller personal share suitable for individuals. Shares will include either what would be harvested in season or what has been stored in the root cellars for the future seasons, as well as grown in the greenhouses.

Organic and Biodynamic principles are practiced on the farm to ensure the health of the soil and the delicious food growing on it. In fact, carrots from the root cellar have been known to taste superb to store-bought. This delicious food will be available at the open house.

Genesis Butternut Squash- Butternut squash split and seeds taken out to get ready to roast in oven in cast iron pot.

A full day of family friendly activities is planned to include hayrides, greenhouse tours, herbal and cooking demos, an edible weed walk, shitake inoculation, birdhouse building, kids floral crown making and beekeeper education.

Local artisans will display and sell their creations, while live music entertains throughout the day.

Light Garden lunches are available for purchase allowing foodies to taste the unique flavors of the land.

For more information about the Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm, check out

If organic, delicious food, grown with love and a lot of integrity is a priority, a day at Genesis Farm is just what Mother Nature calls for to celebrate Earth Day, the way Genesis Farms does it, every day!

Useful recipes and tips surround the distribution building to help make best use of the abundance. Photo by J. Major, 4/2023