Tuesday, July 16, 2024

3+1 Equals Success for SCCC Students Bound for a Bachelor’s Degree 

NEWTON, N.J. – 3+1 not only equals 4, but it adds up to a bachelor’s degree for Sussex County Community College students.

A unique partnership between SCCC and Ramapo College of New Jersey allows students to seamlessly earn an associate degree and then stay closer to “home” for their third year enroute to ultimately getting a bachelor’s degree. 

The Sussex/Ramapo 3+1 Bachelor’s Degree Path not only makes it easier for those who, for one reason or another, prefer to stay closer to Sussex for a while longer, but it also can save approximately $7000 on the degree as compared to those who transfer to another college after earning their first associate degree. Students are able to remain on Sussex’s campus while taking the third year of Ramapo’s bachelor’s degree curriculum. Upon successful completion of the third year, students will take the fourth-year curriculum on Ramapo’s Mahwah campus.

An information session about the 3+1 Bachelor’s Degree Path will be held on the SCCC campus April 19th from noon to 2 p.m in the Student Success Center, administration building. 

The programs include global studies and business, social science with a focus on criminal justice and psychology. Qualified community college professors will teach junior-year courses and hold the same credentials as professors who teach at four-year institutions. They have a strong educational background and sometimes an industry background as well.

“This is a terrific opportunity for area residents to take advantage of a program that offers options, and of course, also is an incredibly cost-effective way to pursue their four-year degree,” said Dr. Kathleen Okay, senior vice president of academic and student affairs at Sussex. “The savings are immense. This is truly a win-win for students with plans to pursue a four-year degree.”

This is the newest collaborative venture between the two colleges, who already have a history of articulation agreements.

Students must apply and be accepted into the advanced associates of continuous studies at Sussex before enrolling in courses for the 3+1 Bachelor’s Degree Path. Once accepted, students are required to meet with a designated Ramapo College counselor who will assist them toward their successful transition to the four-year college to earn their bachelor’s degree.

For more information about the new program with Ramapo College, contact Nora McCarthy, RCNJ transfer specialist, nmccart1@ramapo.edu.