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Frelinghuysen Students Are the (Spelling) Bee’s Knees

On February 15th, two Frelinghuysen Township students went to Phillipsburg Middle School to represent Frelinghuysen Township School at the Warren County Spelling Bee, an annual event that pits the county’s top spellers against each other over 14 rounds of competition.

The two Frelinghuysen students ranked among the top five spellers in the county. Logan Kronmiller, grade 5, placed fifth overall while Piper Ramsey, grade 6, won third place overall.

Diana Puzio, sixth grade teacher at Frelinghuysen Township School, witnessed the hard work that Logan and Piper poured into the competition.

“The students were extremely diligent in their preparation before the event,” she wrote in an email. “They studied several spelling lists for weeks prior. Both Piper and Logan had high expectations for themselves with the main purpose of achieving their full potential.”

The Spelling Bee has a special place in Puzio’s heart. She has facilitated the event since she joined Frelinghuysen Township School in the 2018-2019 school year.

“It’s really important to me that our students have strong language arts literacy skills and furthermore that they have the opportunity to go outside of their comfort zone and test their learning in a competitive environment,” she explained.

Frelinghuysen’s Board of Education members celebrated Logan’s and Piper’s wins at its February 22nd meeting.

Puzio looks forward to continuing this track record of success.

“We absolutely plan to have students attend the Warren County Spelling Bee again next year,” she wrote. “Our hope is that Piper and Logan’s success encourages future students to go down the same path.”

Chip O'Chang
Chip O'Chang, Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer

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