Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Hardwick’s New Floodplain Rules Allow Residents to Apply for Flood Insurance

Flood waters at Footbridge Park. Spring, 2022

Hardwick Township’s Feb. 1 Township Committee meeting saw unanimous passage of Ordinance 2023-01.

This ordinance replaces Chapter 18 – Flood Damage Prevention, with Floodplain Management and Regulations. Said regulations contain new flood hazard maps and designate a floodplain administrator. Committee member John Lovell commented that this ordinance needs to be in place as it is needed for those seeking flood insurance.

Compensated positions also discussed at the meeting included the town’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) manager. That position will be held by Deputy Mayor Nichole Meuse.

Department of Public Works (DPW) foreman Tom Campbell reported a great deal of work that was done last month, including brush work on many trails in town. Ridge and Valley Conservancy sent a letter thanking the DPW for the work they did helping to ensure trails were safer for hikers to access near trail heads. It is expected that if mild weather persists, more work can be done to clear fallen tree limbs and other flammables from trails and forests to limit chances of wildfire.

Township Clerk Kristin Shipps will be receiving a second quote for a Voice over Internet Protocol service. This service will help streamline messages to town personnel. Information on this will be brought to the March township meeting. Relief will soon be in sight for those who have had difficulties reaching township offices, much to the celebration of the Township Committee.

Hardwick’s planned newsletter and Affordable Housing Rehab Program applications will soon be introduced and up on the municipal website at, said town officials. Blairstown Elementary School Board of Education meetings will shortly be posted on the town website as well.