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Abundant Love Products Showcases Blairstown’s Nancy Sierchio’s Clever Artwork

Sierchio discovered an art form during the pandemic that turned into a true labor of love and rewarding business. Photo by MB Journe, Dec. 2022

Nancy Sierchio, a resident of Blairstown for 29 years, started painting her colorful art during the pandemic.

“I was stir-crazy, needing something creative to occupy my time,” Sierchio said. “I came across some YouTube videos on dotting and I was intrigued. I was always artistic so I ordered some nontoxic acrylic paint that could be baked in the oven rendering it dishwasher safe. I needed some tools to make different size dots. I tried using anything with a flat end: Q-tips without the cotton, crochet hooks, eraser part of the pencil and drill bits. Soon I had the technique down.”

She paints on new and used items, transforming them into beautiful functional one-of-a-kind creations. Photo by MB Journe, Dec. 2022

Some designs are mandalas or geometrically oriented, consisting of dot patterns intricately painted freehand without stencils, similar to pointillism, a form of impressionism.

Sierchio embellishes many different kinds of household items. Photo by MB Journe, Dec. 2022.

Sierchio upcycles glass and metal, any usable household items that inspire her. Sierchio’s line consists of glasses, pitchers, water bottles, cake plates and clocks. Her new line consists of mandalas painted on framed glass and canvas acrylic paintings.

You can find her work at Race’s Farm Market, located at Route 94, Blairstown; The Strange Boutique on Main Street in Blairstown and yearly at the annual Hope Christmas Market.

She also does custom work. For more information, she can be reached at 908-797-7431 or via email –

Yelens Choban
MB Journe, Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer

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