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Monday, June 24, 2024

INTERESTING FOLKS: Hanna Rose Miranda Oseguera – A Unique and Bold Tattoo Artist

Hanna Rose Miranda Oseguera is a tattoo artist. She found her niche after deciding she was going to use her creativity as an artist. 

Her artistry incorporates her well-rounded style schooled in fine art. Oseguera’s designs are unique and bold. She has started focusing on neo-traditional, color tattoos and black and grey realism. She loves a challenge by helping her clients create their own style. 

Oseguera grew up in Frelinghuysen and graduated from North Warren Regional High School where she always focused on art and theater. In her teens, she participated in Centenary Stage Company’s Young Performers Workshop where she became interested in the theater, costumes and makeup.

After a year of college majoring in theater arts, she decided to switch schools. She attended Tom Savini’s Special Effects Make-Up Program at the Douglas Education Center in Monessen, Pennsylvania. Tom Savini was instrumental in creating special effects makeup for many horror movies, including “Friday the 13th,” which was filmed locally. 

She studied sculpting, painting, anatomy and theatrical makeup. She graduated with an associate degree in special effects makeup. 

Daunted by the competitive pressure of the New York City makeup industry, she worked in various artistic and some not-so-artistic jobs. One day, her husband suggested she should become a tattoo artist just like her friend Lee. 

She canvassed the area looking for a tattoo parlor where she could apprentice. In two and a half years, she learned the trade apprenticing under Brian Murphy at Third Dimension Tattoo Studio in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania where she now is a resident tattoo artist.

Mixed medium painting entitled “Te Amoo” which took about 48 hours combined time and hangs in Oseguera’s home studio. Photo by MB Journe, Nov. 2022

Before she could work on a person, she practiced tattooing oranges and grapefruits. If the ink hits the flesh of the fruit, the application is too hard. She honed her style. Murphy started her out with touch-ups on old tattoos. 

In 2020, Oseguera became a full-fledged tattoo artist. 

“I am sure I will always do this work,” Oseguera said. “I love the variety and enjoy my clients.”

Oseguera’s clients with sleeve tattoo designs. Photo compilation by MB Journe, Dec. 2022

Knowing what a big decision getting a tattoo can be, she provided some tips for the first-time client:

• Discuss your budget and gratuity with the artist.
• Make sure you are hydrated and bring some water to drink while in a session.
• Make sure you have eaten or bring snacks. Low blood sugar may increase the chances of passing out.
• Don’t use numbing cream as you need to know your pain threshold.
• Make sure you are committed to having an indelible rendering for the rest of your life.

For more info, check out this talented artist’s Instagram page and Third Dimension Studio’s website.

Yelens Choban
MB Journe, Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer

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