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Monday, May 27, 2024

Hardwick’s December 7th Committee Meeting was Short but Pivotal Action Taken

Hardwick Township had their End of Year Committee Meeting on Dec 7th. It was a short public meeting.

Ordinance 2022-9 was adopted. This allows for improvements to Hardwick’s Municipal Building.

Ordinance 2022-10 was adopted as well. It is a Bond Ordinance to authorize the resurfacing of Primrose Road (Section 1) for $200,000.

A portion of Spring Valley Road and also Mallard Pond Road are expected soon to have some conclusion of whether the township is responsible for these unimproved roads. There are some legalities that will be addressed by the Township’s lawyer to ensure that any responsibility on the part of Hardwick is upheld.

This has been an ongoing discussion and the Committee expressed their desire to conclude these matters swiftly so that a resolution will be resolved on the responsible party and to what parameters.

Hardwick Township continues to discuss the NJ DEP Stormwater Tier Change. Deputy Mayor Lovell has recently conversed with Senator Oroho on this matter. Primarily, how to financially afford this new DEP requirement in the time frame mandated. It is unclear how this situation will evolve.

The Hardwick Township Committee wished Kevin Duffy a very happy retirement from his public service to Hardwick. He served the town for over 15 years.