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Friday, June 14, 2024

Christmas at Vass Farmstead, Dec. 11th

A festive scene was set in the front parlor of the Vass House for the town’s Holiday Open House, Dec. 11th, Photo by J. Major, Dec. 2022.

Hardwick Township hosted a very special Open House at the Vass Farmstead, December 11th.

Celebrating the Holiday Season, the front parlor of the Vass House was set up with a Christmas Tree. The dining table was set tastefully and simply, creating a beautiful, warm scene that mirrored a Christmas of past days at the historical Home.

All were welcomed to learn about the history of Vass Farmstead. Tours were offered by Hardwick Historical Society member and volunteer forest firefighter, Bob Wolff.

A look through one of the many multi-paned windows at the Vass House of the huge, restored barn that’s proved perfect for hosting dance events. Photo by J. Major, Dec. 2022.

Many interesting architectural and historical elements of the Vass House were discussed and being in the house itself created a wonderful chance for living history to come to life.

Refreshments were served during the Open House that were made and donated by local volunteers. Visitors engaged in delightful conversation and were able to sit back and relax while soft Christmas music played.

The weather set the tone for the event. It snowed earlier in the day and set a billowy white cloud on the grounds of Vass homestead. The snow only added to the charm and Christmas vibe of the party. Some seniors were missed as the weather kept some away from the event.

Besides visitors of the human type, there was someone who was a local celebrity. This special guest was none other than Buddy, a beautiful eight-year-old blue heeler dog. Quiet and calm, he was pleasant to get along with and a favorite among visitors.

“Buddy the Blue heeler”, welcomed visitors for the Vass Farmstead Open House on December 11th. Photo by J. Major, Dec. 2022.

The Open House marked the first time in a long time that the Vass House has hosted a party for Christmas season. This event marked a rekindling of Holiday events, as well as an opportunity for private rentals, now that the Township has signed the lease for the property.

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