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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Holiday Shopping: WOOLLY PETALS, 41 Main Street, Blairstown

Julie and Ed Ball bring their diverse interests, skills and talents to the floral shop which also sells the warmest Alpaca Wool items.

Ed comes from a wellness background, having studied herbs and nutrition. He is a CNC, a certified nutritional counselor. Julie brings her floral arranging skills to the shop and creates arrangements for every type of occasion.

Woolly Petals is filled with a wide array of every day green household goods including everything from vitamins and supplements to toilet paper and natural hair dyes as well as unique gift items.

The couple is also known for their love and affinity for Alpacas, having raised their own in the past. The store features many Alpaca products including sweaters, hats, gloves, socks and assorted stuffed animals for kids or kids at heart.

Alpaca wool is considered hypoallergenic so it may be suitable for those that are unable use and wear traditional sheep wool due to allergies and sensitivity.

Located on Main Street in Blairstown, their shop is located directly next to Blairstown’s Post office. The shop can address many needs of its customers, with the varied
goods and services they offer.

Julie started working at 18 in a flower shop in Chester, which she bought later in 1997. In 1999, she relocated her business to Budd Lake, where she thrived for 13 years before taking a hiatus after that to start a family. At the same time, she fell into Alpaca farming with a zeal that led to them having as many as 40 animals.

“Alpaca poop is the best stuff to grow with”, Julie would put it in her flowerpots and in her
gardens. Her flowers thrived on the property. She had two kids.

Occasionally, former floral clients would call her and ask for arrangements for different occasions. The business blossomed so to speak into the new retail location close to where her children were enrolled at the Ridge and Valley Charter School, in Blairstown.

Ed is often seen vending at many local festivals and events in Blairstown and the
surrounding community. He has recently sold the Alpaca gifts and goods a few times at the Blairstown Farmers’ Market. He said he expects to continue next year at the Market.

His cold season alpaca gloves, hats and blankets are a very popular around the winter season and are sought out by his customers.

A visit to Woolly Petals is a colorful one, filled with treats and surprises around every corner. Both old and young alike will be warmed by the treasures that are in the store.

They can be reached by calling 908-854-5372 or visiting