Sunday, April 21, 2024

Holiday Shopping: THE TOY CHEST – Search for Treasure in Hope

The Toy Chest in Hope festively decorated inside & out. Photo by J. Major, Dec. 2022

Walking into The Toy Chest, customers are greeted by a wave of what can only be explained as a sense of something familiar, perhaps even comforting. Being surrounded by familiar playthings from your childhood past, customers may find themselves swept away into the mystery and wonder of the imagination.

One may find themselves transported to another place as they walk up to the second floor and are surrounded by Legos, Matchbox and Hot Wheels sets, games of all types and everything in between.

Jacob Goldenberg, viewing a toy available at The Toy Chest, Photo by J. Major, Dec. 2022

Why Toys? Why in Hope of all places? As shop owner, Kirk Perez states, “I wanted to do something good and something that brings joy.”

Toys to this shopkeeper are just the ticket. Something he describes that brought a lot of happiness to his childhood. He goes on to mention that for some children, toys may be the only outlet they have to bring comfort in their everyday life.

Shop owner Kirk Perez is happy to bring cheer to kids of all ages. Photo by J. Major, Dec. 2022

This delightful shopkeeper has a background in marketing and Real Estate. After working in the city for many years he wanted a change. He made a big move with his family from Bergen County and relocated to the area. He decided that a toy shop was just what Hope needed.

Perez purchased the former Real Estate agency on the corner of the road. He saw a good opportunity and was going to jump on it while the iron was hot. The building had stayed empty for a while and knew that with determination he had a vision and could accomplish just what he saw. A wonderful place for people to come and be reminded of their childhood.

So Why Toys? Why not? Isn’t a world of wonder, imagination and dream making – such a precious thing to foster, protect and allow to flourish? What a beautiful place to be transported to, where every so often anyone can take a trip down memory lane and relive a youthful part that resides in everyone.