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Monday, June 24, 2024

Hardwick Prepares to Pay Upwards of $350k for New State Mandated Street Sweeper?

Typically, a small crowd, the Hardwick Committee Meeting, last Wednesday, September 7th was abuzz with interest over a fair amount on the agenda. 

A prime issue discussed entailed anticipated State mandated costs. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is requiring Hardwick, amongst many other towns, to raise stormwater classification to Tier A, which requires purchase of a street sweeper. This specialized piece of equipment was said to cost roughly $350,000. There is an 18-month to two-year back order for the street sweeper, leaving the town to navigate the purchase.

Three routine annual cleanings of all paved roads in town would be required as well as street sweepings of roads after all storms. The town may have to create a new position to handle this requirement.

The Town committee is following up with the League of Municipalities as well as State Senator Steve Oroho to gather more information about these unexpected new requirements upon Hardwick and how to proceed. There was talk of potential grant to pay for these costs, but the anticipated grant may only cover $40,000.