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The Strange Boutique, Frelinghuysen

Strange Boutique, Apothecary and so much more, embracing the unconventional world of fantasy and magic.

There’s a new store in town, “The Strange Boutique” located at 1077 Route 94, Blairstown. Meet Holly Wood, the proprietor, and yes…. that’s her real name. Her dad’s last name is Wood, he thought it was fitting to name his daughter Holly since she was born on Halloween.

The store was named after her favorite song, “Strange Days” by The Doors. The name strange days, was already taken, so Wood went with “The Strange Boutique” instead.

Wood grew up learning about stones and crystals when she was a child. “My dad always had an alter in our home with a stone grid, dragons and towers, a new age environment,” she explained.

Since High School, Wood had been studying the properties of minerals and crystals from books her dad had. For many years she have been selling gem stones at markets, vending all around New Jersey and out of state.

Proprietor, Holly Wood in front of her new store, The Strange Boutique, at 1077 Route 94 in Frelinghuysen.

“I always wanted to have a store. My partner Manny is a big help. We have two young children together, and he is always supportive of our family and this business.” Wood explains.

When Wood first had the idea for the store she was inspired to showcase other artisans, giving them the opportunity to sell their things. Some venders are local like the silversmith, who makes beautiful silver jewelry. One vender comes from Illinois, her plants come from Jersey City.

In the fall, she will be selling mums. She has workshops once a month. Last Friday, July 29th, she had an Intuitive Tarot Reader named Jen. Check out her Facebook page and Instagram account.

The store sells new and used clothing, as well. Every week, clothing is on sale for five dollars and under, except for her consignments. Some consignments are hand died and hand bleached.

The store is a blend of collectables, natural beauty products, jewelry, clothing, refurbished furniture, plants and an apothecary with other magical items.

She has an apothecary where customers can make their own potions. All throughout the world, ancient cultures used nature’s plants to cure illnesses, stop in for spells. An apothecary carries natural remedies for what ails you.

Wood makes teas and tinctures out of flowers and herbs she grows in her garden, while some ingredients are foraged.

“I make brooms which you can personalize here in the store. The brooms are used as decoration and protects the home from negativity.” Wood said wryly.

“My apothecary carries natural ingredients, remedies for what ails you. I research herbs, rocks and mineral and their healing properties. Come and make your own potions.”

Interesting Stones and Crystals

  • Tigers Eye stone, when worn in contact with the skin, helps to uplifting one to a joyous mood and raises the vibration of peace.
  • Black Tourmaline can be put by the door to keep negative energy out of your home
  • Amethyst crystal has a calming, soothing effect. It’s often is recommended for quieting the mind and often used as a meditation tool, it increases focus.

The store is open Tuesday through Friday 12pm to 7pm. Saturday and Sunday 10am to 3pm.

Yelens Choban
MB Journe, Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer

My name is Marybeth Journe, I feel blessed to be living in this part of New Jersey. I have enjoyed this community taking advantage of the lakes and woods. Always supporting the local businesses that make this my home. As a local artist myself, I know many of our residence if not by name, at least by sight. I feel comfortable interviewing others. I have worked for The Paulinskill Valley Chronical where I provided articles, photographs and billing. I consider myself an artist, journalist, naturalist, gardener and a teacher for the YMCA Camp Mason. I look forward to the work ahead