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Blairstown’s 4th of July Fireworks & Annual Celebration

From the Fireworks the night before at North Warren High School, to the festivities the next day at Footbridge Park, 4th of July weekend was fun for all ages. (Photo Credits: Editorial Staff, 2022)

Free parking was organized by the Blairstown Rotary and Police Department at the field behind the Catherine Dixon Hoffman Library. A quick walk across Lambert Road brought you either to the lawn in front of the High School or you could walk behind to view the fireworks up close. Nevertheless, teens held impromptu pickup games on the lawn and families and some dogs enjoyed a time to relax while they awaited a spectacular show.

Every year on the Fourth of July, Blairstown has a celebration at Footbridge Park from 10:30am to 4:30pm. There were crafters, fun kids’ activities, a pie eating contest, patriotic pet contest, water balloons, live music and the Blairstown Rotary’s annual Duck Race.  

This tradition goes way back more than 200 years ago to July 4th, 1877, when the residents had their first gathering to celebrate the Blairstown Station, a stop on the railroad to Pennsylvania. 

Blairstown Historic Preservation Committee (BHPC) featured a display on the Blairstown Station’s 1877 celebration. The train station was located where the parking lot at Footbridge Park now occupies. Chair Person and Historian Christine Beegle answered questions and provided info on the club.  


John Blair, nicknamed amongst his peers “Railroad King of the West” helped to establish the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869. He also helped build other railroads out west expanding eastern commerce. 

Notable Fourth of July Birthdays

  • Ron Kovic, anti-Vietnam War activist and writer of the book “Born on the Fourth of July.” Tom Cruise who played Kovic in the movie and was born on the third of July. 
  • Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President 
  • Gina Lollobrigida, Italian actress and photographer
  • Eva Marie Saint, American actress
  • Neil Simon, American playwright and screenwriter
  • Stephen Foster, American songwriter and composer 
  • Morganna, American model, actress, and dancer
Patriotic Bear seen off Route 521 (Stillwater Road), in Hardwick. / Photo by MB Journe, 2022

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