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Saturday, May 25, 2024

The Paulins Kill Flooded Footbridge Park, April 9th weekend.

The National Weather Service reported that at 6:15AM, Sunday, the flood stage of the Paulins Kill was at 5.04 feet. The flood stage is 5 feet. One local resident reported waking up to 55 inches of rainwater in her basement from groundwater, flooding important utilities.

Footbridge Park was flooded. Seen here on April 9th / Photo Credit: D.L. Dunn
Lonely park benches / Photo Credit: D.L. Dunn, 4-9-2022
High water engulfs Footbridge Park, April 9th weekend / Photo Credit: D.L. Dunn
Turbulant waters @ Footbridge Park, Saturday, April 9th / Photo Credit: D.L. Dunn 2022
This young teen from Hardwick couldn’t resist / Photo Credit: D.L. Dunn, 4-9-22
Playground underwater @ Footbridge Park, April 9th / Photo Credit: D.L. Dunn 2022