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Friday, June 14, 2024


Said to be always with a smile and comfort for people suffering sorrow and loss, Glenn Caprario of Frelinghuysen retired from the job he held for more than three decades as Funeral Director / Owner of Newbaker Funeral Home.

Known as the someone who would respect families’ wishes, this kind man now 77 years young, decided to retire last September. He lived on the premises from 1973 until the early 2000’s, when he moved to nearby Frelinghuysen.

Not one to stay idle, Caprario is still involved at Newbaker’s, helping the new owner and Funeral Director, Erik Schneider. Caprario expects to be more engaged with local activities now that he finally has time.

He said he found the Rotary to be a great way of life because they’re “involved with everything.” He’s been a member of the Blairstown Rotary and expects to finally now have more time for their many community projects.

“Glenn was in Rotary very sparsely… His commitments were just too intense,” said Diane Sherman, a fellow Rotarian. “He’s reentered Rotary and is certainly more involved now. He has the most outgoing personality.”

He devoted countless hours at Newbaker’s, “A small business in a small town, serving everyone. Everyone got to know me.” Caprario said, “I’ve always tried to do the best thing for the survivors (because) what’s best for them is what’s important.”

Having been exposed to the industry since 11th grade, he had a long time to hone his skills since graduating from College and Professional School for Funeral Services in New York City about 55 years ago. Since then, his profession required him to pass State and National exams to obtain State registration every two years.

Following an apprenticeship and work in Elizabeth, he was hired early on as Assistant Funeral Director at Smith-McCracken Funeral Home in Newton. He and the late Ed McCracken partnered in 1973 to take over the old Newbaker’s which has been operating in Blairstown since the 1920’s.

They built the present-day Newbaker Funeral Home at 200 Route 94, with living quarters for Staff to keep an eye on loved ones entrusted to them.

He credits the Blairstown Police Department and NJ State Police with offering “superior” assistance. As often the first people on the scene of a death, if not from natural causes, the officers (many young) learned quickly how to respectfully handle the deceased. Caprario said “Over the years, I hired many retired officers.”

Due to Covid and changing lifestyles, he described the Funeral Industry as having changed somewhat with more people are opting for Cremation. “When we first opened the funeral home, people just didn’t have it in their lifestyle,” Caprario said. Now, with more government restrictions, more people are choosing different services.

“Serving all the families of Blairstown and the surrounding towns has been a privilege. Unfortunately, they’ve lost their loved ones… but they are still some of the nicest people,” said Caprario. He added that it was truly his honor to serve them as well as those among the veteran community.

About Newbaker’s from their website –

Newbaker Funeral Home is a family-owned and oriented business in Blairstown, NJ that has been in operation since 1920. Our full-service funeral home focuses on ensuring every family member and guest feels supported and loved.

Manager/Owner, Erik J. Schneider, has worked in funeral service for 15 years across over 80 funeral homes throughout New Jersey. He is currently serving his second term on the Laws & Regulations Committee of the New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association. Being an active member in the community, Erik finds his way into a plethora of endeavors, one of which is the Blairstown Rotary.