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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

FOR RELEASE: Starting this May, NJ Bans Non-Reusable Bags & Styrofoam Food Containers

The New Jersey Business Action Center (NJBAC) wants you to know:

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW? Starting May 4, 2022, New Jersey retail stores, grocery stores and food service businesses may not provide or sell single-use plastic carryout bags and polystyrene foam food service products. Single-use paper carryout bags are allowed to be provided or sold, except by grocery stores equal to or larger than 2500 square feet, which may only provide or sell reusable carryout bags. After November 4, 2021, plastic straws may be provided only upon the request of the customer.

WHAT IS A REUSABLE CARRYOUT BAG? Under the law (P.L.2020 c.117), a reusable carryout bag is defined as one that: 1. is made of polypropylene fabric, PET non-woven fabric, nylon, cloth, hemp product, or other washable fabric, and 2. has stitched handles (either thread or ultrasonic), and 3. is designed and manufactured for at least 125 reuses.

WHERE CAN A BUSINESS PURCHASE PRODUCTS ALLOWED UNDER THE LAW? Businesses may contact any distributor or manufacturer to obtain products that meet the requirements of the law. As a courtesy, the NJ Business Action Center’s website will soon feature an online clearinghouse of wholesale vendors who provide environmentally-sound alternative products. Please check for updates.

WHAT POLYSTYRENE FOAM FOOD SERVICE PRODUCTS ARE BANNED? As of May 4, 2022, all polystyrene foam food service products are banned for use and sale. See side two for a list of exemptions. For more information, please see products.

WHAT RETAIL AND FOOD SERVICE ESTABLISHMENTS ARE AFFECTED BY THIS BAN? For a list of businesses impacted and items banned please go to this link: