Friday, July 12, 2024

Blairstown Police Missing Person Case

Blairstown Police Department

The Blairstown Police Department has been tasked with a Missing Person case, which was initiated on 10/17/2021 by the parents of a missing twenty-three year old male resident. The male [Daniel Cannone] was last seen in Sussex County, as evidenced by surveillance footage from area businesses. Some of the male’s belongings were located at the scene of his found vehicle. Searches of the area were conducted, with the assistance from multiple agencies. Unfortunately, no new information on the whereabouts of the individual is available. The case remains open.

The Department recently hired a new Special Officer. We welcome Officer Jason Leonardo, Badge #61 to the force. We also had a promotion of Canine Officer (HLEO), Richard Herzer to Corporal.

Congratulations to both of you from the department and from your families.

The Blairstown Police Department has been busy investigating a stolen motor vehicle from a Frontage Rd. address on Christmas Day. The vehicle was later recovered. Residents are reminded to lock their vehicle doors nightly and to remove any valuables from them. You are encouraged to be vigilant, and report anything suspicious to our Dispatch.

Just a reminder, there is a medication Drop-Off mailbox at the police station for all medications. The mailbox is located in the Police Lobby for your convenience.

Residents are reminded that they can safely conduct business transactions with the public by using the rear lot of the police department. This area is monitored by surveillance cameras and is designated with a sign. Residents can feel safe knowing that this area is watched.

On December 15, multiple law enforcement agencies responded to North Warren High School for a possible threat involving a firearm. A lockdown was initiated and the facility was thoroughly investigated and searched. At the conclusion of the investigation, it was determined that the threat was not substantiated and everyone was cleared of the scene. We thank all involved for their cooperation. A special thanks to all the responding agencies who expedited their response to our school for this threat.

Residents are reminded to check on their elderly neighbors as inclement weather approaches our area this winter. Pay special attention to the needs of your pets too, as frigid temperatures affect them also. Obey all “No Parking” signs when snow/ice approaches to avoid an impound of your vehicle.